About Us

Elephant in the trunk is proudly an Australian company, producing high-quality, unique and stylish products for children. All of our products are designed with love to create lasting memories.

The professional introduction: The company was started by two best friends who wanted to create products that would add colour to the home, without interrupting a colour scheme, whilst being fun for children to use and play with.

The truthful introduction: One night while enjoying a dinner (and a wine) together, we decided we wanted to work together on a project and so the planning and designing started. The rest as they say is history!

Elephant in the Trunk have designed and produced the products using quality materials to ensure they are long lasting and are able to survive the somewhat tough conditions a child can put them through.

Finally, have a look around the website, get to know us by following us on Facebook and most of all; enjoy what Elephant in the Trunk has to offer.